Hey there! I'm Kiran

Do you want to leverage your bio-feedback to optimize your health? Then you're in the right place. 

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Hey there! I'm Kiran

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place. 

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A Little About Me....

Not to get too deep, but at the end of the day we all just want to be happy, right?
But how to get there....that’s anyone’s guess! But what most agree on is that you
need your health. I talk a lot about ‘optimizing’ my life- what that really means is
finding the path of least resistance towards happiness. In my personal journey,
through years of research and self-experimentation I have uncovered some of the
most powerful tools, the main one: Leveraging a deeper state of ketosis.
Your diet and nutrition should be additive, not something that detracts from your
life. You cannot feel and perform at your best when something so integral to your
life is out of your control. I’ve dealt with the dissatisfaction, frustration, and pain caused by who you are not aligning with how your body looks.
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The reason I am so passionate about the ketogenic diet is that for me, it was the
light at the end of the tunnel, the rope thrown down into the hole I was digging for
myself. Finally, I had found a sustainable approach that would allow me to live the
life I wanted and achieve the look I so desperately desired. Actually, before entering
a deeper state of ketosis I had long struggled with SOS.
What the heck is SOS!? Shiny object syndrome. I had tried every diet under the Sun!
Nothing had worked. It took me some time to realize that ‘x’ diet or ‘y’ protocol,
wasn’t the answer, and that true long-lasting change was achieved through
consistency and following a sound, systemized approach. This is the best way to
reach your goals.
You see, the formula for creating beneficial change is the combination of character
(mindset, work ethic) and a system that works. Having spent time in management
consulting, venture capital, and high tech I am extremely comfortable with
conducting structured, methodical analysis. When a process works it works, there is no way around it. You being here tells me that character is no issue, but you being here
also tells me that box 2 needs to be filled. There is no need to waste any more money or worse, time. DSK is the system you are missing.
I have also dedicated my life to optimization through a deeper state of ketosis.
What does this mean? Squeezing every last possible benefit from everything that I
do each day and using these insights to help you. There are a couple contexts in
which you can think about this:
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1) Lifestyle- Showing up each and every day. Being the best mother, father,
brother, sister, etc. you can be. Being present for those around you,
practicing in and excelling in your craft, and chasing your passions
relentlessly free from the paralysis that comes with indecision and stagnation
when it comes to your nutrition.
2) Performance- Getting the most out of your training whether it be strength
and conditioning, endurance, sport-specific, or aesthetic focussed.
3) Longevity- Implementing the best ways to increase your healthspan, not just
your lifespan. Think quality of life: moving without pain, fixing your digestion,
enhancing your cognition, and living freely.
Let me use the knowledge I have acquired through years of research, optimization,
and work with clients to help you achieve the look you want and the lifestyle you
need. Get in touch!

My Core Strengths 

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Deeper State Nutrition

I'll help you get your macronutrients and micronutrients dialed in with weekly macro adjustments!

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Lifestyle Optimization

I'll help you align your diet
and nutrition with lifestyle, performance, and longevity goals!
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Program Design

Whether your goals are strength-based or endurance-based, I can help you get dialed in!

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$100 (1-Time)

Top features

  • Two 30 Min phone consultations
  • Comprehensive analysis of training
  • Comprehensive analysis of nutrition
  • Macronutrient recommendations based on goals

Custom Nutrition


Top features

  • Initial consultation call to evaluate needs
  • Personalized macronutrient recommendations based on goals
  • Weekly macro adjustments 
  • Daily messaging interaction
  • Accountability practices

Custom Training


Top features

  • Initial consultation call to evaluate needs
  • Analysis of current training protocol
  • Recommended training routine based on personal goals
  • Weekly checkins and adjustments
Kiran All Inclusive Coaching (Subscription)

$350.00 USD every month

All The Tools You Need To Reach Your Fitness And Nutrition Goals!

  • You'll receive everything listed above PLUS...
  • Daily Communication via Slack messaging
  • Weekly Consultation Calls
  • An accountability partnership.  I won't give up on you and I won't let you give up on yourself!
  • Complete access to the entire DSK course and all additional content!